The Wattpad app doesn't work on my java phone. Why?

Dear Wattpad,

I'm impressed with Wattpad, that's why I really want to have the app on my phone, so I can read it easily.

I downloaded the app but it couldn't work, it's said that there's something wrong with the network connection. So, I downloaded it again and again (from 4shared getjar and Wattpad itself). But none could work, its always said the same. Network connection!

I'm sure there nothing wrong with the connection, since I still can use opera mini, bolt, snaptu (which need internet).

My phone is a Java phone, can you please help me?

Little Alien

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Hi Little Alien,

Java phone is in a way different from device to device, and from carrier to carrier. It looks like that the Java phone you have is prohibiting 3rd party application to make any network connection. You may need to check with your user manual or contact the manufacturer to see if that's the problem. Sometimes, it is not the device, but the carrier, such as T-mobile in the US strictly prohibit 3rd party app to access their data network.

Hope you find this information useful.



Hi Little Alien,

I was having the same problem on my phone. Bolt would connect, but Opera Mini, Wattpad, UC Browser, and others wouldn't. I kept getting a "Network Connection" error. However, by chance, I discovered that my phone requires Java apps to be signed before they will be given network access. Once I downloaded the signed version of the apps I wanted, they worked perfectly for me. That being said, Wattpad still doesn't work for me because I cannot find a signed version of the app. Does anyone know where I can find the signed version of the Wattpad java app?


I got still almost this same problem, byt i got some error when i want to transfer a book from computer to my mobile phone( i got java). The problem is that Nokia Suite every time shows me error 300, and i try to install again whole app, and after book, but it still doesn't work. How i can transfer book to my phone, couse iven when i download a book file, my phone didn't read this.

Please help me



i don't know what to do about the app cuz it doesn't work on my phone also. but what you can do is just type in the name of the book into google on your phone when you go on internet and you should be able to read it normally.


Hey LilliLivi,

Can you submit a ticket to the support site further explaining the issue you are facing?  We will be able to provide you with a more specific solution this way.

Thank you!