How do i make a new chapter in my book?

I was on the title page and I wrote the book title, but how do I make chapters after Im done doing that?


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Accepted answer

To make a new story:

  1. Click on Create on the top menu bar or scroll over your username and click on My Works
  2. Click on New Story on the right (if this is your first story on Wattpad, skip this step)
  3. Enter the 'title of your story' (this is not the chapter title, for whatever reason that can only be added after a second chapter has been created though you can leave the second chapter as a draft)
  4. Write your first chapter or description, prologue, etc.
  5. Click Save if you want to change the chapter title, click Save & Publish if you're done (everything can still be changed later with both options)


To add a chapter:

  1. Scroll over your username in the menu bar
  2. Click on My Works
  3. Find the story you want to add a chapter to and click on new part on the right
  4. You should see the story title on the top. Enter the chapter title in the 'title of your story' bar. This is the second chapter in your story
  5. Write the chapter (or mock text if you're only wanting to edit the title of the first chapter)
  6. Click Save or Save & Publish


To change the title of your first chapter:

  1. Add a second chapter first (^)
  2. Scroll over your username in the menu bar
  3. Click on My Works
  4. Find the story you want to edit. You should now see two parts in your story, one with the same name as your story and the second chapter you named previously
  5. Click on edit to the right of the part
  6. Change the chapter title
  7. Click Save or Save & Publish


To change the title of your story, add a description or change the order of the chapters in your story:

  1. Scroll over your username in the menu bar
  2. Click on My Works
  3. Find the story you want to edit
  4. Click on manage on the right
  5. Make the desired changes
  6. Click Save

_** _Pages are calculated automatically by Wattpad when you write your chapter.

I'm new too so please correct me if I got anything wrong!


Go to the drop box under your name where it says 'Hi YourUserName.'

Click on My Works.

It should have your story there. On the right side, it will say " Manage-Cover-New Chapter- Delete Story.

Click on New Chapter.


when i clicked on it, it says my story title and then underneath it, it says "title of your story" is that where the title of your new chapter ?


Hi guys I need help! So I clicked "New Part" which means the same things new chapter. I was ready to make a new chapter but when I clicked it it took me to the page where you make new stories and on my tab it said New Story/Wattpad so I know it took to me the wrong place. I went back and clicked the button again and it took me to the same page! So is it just me or is it suppose to do that? Is it suppose to take you to the New Story page and you know the bar that says "Title for story" is where I write Chapter 2" or is something wrong...? Please help :c


but Mine says 'new part' ! I ignored it before and published the story but it replaced chapter 1 with chapter 2 what do I do!?! PLEASE HELP!!


I have no idea what to do!!!! I clicked on my work and new part. but how do i keep the title of the entire book but still make chapters


Hi guys, check out VeeraMoon's step by step answer, it's very useful.

Here are some links you might find useful too for adding a new chapter on different platforms:

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