I have Wattpad on my phone too but when I want to Login on my Laptop I can´t ! I always have to do a new Password then I can login but when I logout and after a few hours when  want to login again I need again a new  password. WHY ????


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I have had the same problem - not being able to log on on my laptop. This is, however, the only device i use wattpad on. It is quite annoying and upsetting that I cannot access my account because although I haven't written anything yet, all my followers, people I am following, and reading lists cannot be accessed: when I have typed in my username and password, when I click 'login' nothing happens. I have created this new second account now, and I am trying to copy everything from my old account onto this one, but it will take me a long time. Also, I tried to send a message to each of my followers using my new account, and I managed to send one message, but I could not get any further because when I try to send a message, it says 'message cannot be sent. Please try again later.' Please explain to me why I am having both of these problems and what i can do to resolve it?? Thank you.