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Stories removed for copyright

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At Wattpad, we value the incredible amount of dedication and commitment that goes into the creation process, so helping creators protect their rights is our top priority.

Posting the copyrighted works of others without their legal consent is strictly prohibited, as outlined in our Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. As a service provider, we also comply with all applicable provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). 

Our policy is to respond to valid notices of alleged copyright infringement we receive by expeditiously removing or disabling access to the allegedly infringing material.


Repeat infringers - In addition to the above policy, we may, when appropriate and at our discretion, terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly or actively infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If an account has multiple copyright infringements or an additional violation is discovered at a later date, the account will be closed. Please note that users' actions are linked to the holder of the account, not the account(s) themselves.


Can I get my story/account/library back if it was deleted for copyright?

Please note that according to our Terms of Service, writers on Wattpad can only publish their own original works. Unless you have evidence of obtaining permission from the copyright owner to publish this content, we will not be able to restore the content to Wattpad. Giving credit to the owner or slightly adapting or editing their work does not give you the right to post content that is not your own. If you have evidence of obtaining permission, please email it to


Why was my adaptation or translation removed, but not theirs?

Wattpad works hard to take down copyright infringements as quickly and accurately as we can, but with the volume of stories on the platform, we can’t find every infringement without them being reported to us. If you see a copyright infringement on Wattpad, please do not assume we allow copyright violations. Instead, after confirming there is an infringement, please report the story. For more information check out our article: Reporting copyright infringement.

Alternatively, the other Wattpadder may have been given permission by the original author to adapt or translate the story they have uploaded. We always recommend getting permission first. For more information check out our article: Can I use their work?


I have proof of permission from the original author, but my content was removed. What can I do?

You can obtain permission from the original author or copyright owner if you would like to adapt an existing work and publish it on Wattpad. However, explicit permission is needed before posting the adaptation. Without a response and affirmative approval, users cannot publish an adaptation on the platform. 

If your content has been removed for copyright infringement, but you have permission from the original author, please email us at so we can assist. Please be advised that submitting false evidence (fabricated or doctored screenshots) will result in account suspension or complete account closure. 

Please note: you must have permission from the original copyright owner, not someone else who has also copied the story. For example, if someone has translated a story from English to Spanish, you cannot ask the Spanish translator for permission to adapt or translate the story into another language, as they are not the original copyright owner.


Why didn't I receive an email about my content being removed?

When your story is removed for copyright infringement, you should receive a private message from Wattpad with a notice and information on what you can or can't do next. We don't issue warnings prior to deletion because copyright infringement is a legal matter, not simply a Wattpad policy, and thus we must act expeditiously. If your account has been closed due to multiple copyright infringements, you should receive an email to the email attached to your Wattpad account. Please be sure to check your spam folder for these emails and for any corresponding emails should you reach out to our support team for assistance. If you need help updating your email, check out our Support section on updating your email here: Lost access to the email linked to your account?


Why is my favorite Wattpadder's story or account gone? 

Unfortunately, due to privacy policies, we are unable to disclose details of other members' accounts. This includes why content has been removed. You can contact the individual directly to inquire, and we recommend sending them this article should they have any questions.  


We always recommend saving any original works you create outside of the Wattpad platform. In the event of an account closure due to a violation of any of our policies, we will not restore or transfer story content, which may include your original works that are not an infraction.

We also recommend checking out our Support Bot when looking for quick answers! You can find our bot by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the Help Center (, or going to your Settings > Help Center on the app.

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