Spam Messages: Fake Cash/Prizes/Gifts

Hi folks!

We have recently discovered that some users may have received messages from accounts such as ‘Wattpad Rewards Team’ or a ‘Wattpad Gift Crew.’ We wanted to let you know that this isn’t a message from Wattpad HQ, and we do not have a Rewards Team/Gift Crew running competitions.

We advise you not to click on any links posted by these accounts. As well, you should block any users who are claiming to be Wattpad Rewards and sending you messages similar to these.

You can confirm whether a competition or offer is genuine by visiting the user’s profile page and seeing if there is an official Wattpad badge next to the username.

A badge appears next to official Wattpad profile names to indicate whether the profile is Wattpad staff, an ambassador, or a verified Wattpad account (attached).

Our team is working hard to resolve this issue and we really appreciate your cooperation.

We hope this helps!

Your devoted Wattpad Team
Wattpad HQ


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