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Trouble sending messages

Are you having trouble sending private messages or posting messages on other people's conversation boards? This is because we have restrictions in place to prevent users from sending unsolicited messages too frequently. These measures are taken to prevent spam accounts from spreading malicious content on Wattpad - our priority is to support our community by ensuring that all users are happy and safe.

If you are seeing a 1131 error message, your messages are sent on a delay, your messages are greyed out, or you are given an unsolicited message error, it is likely that you have hit the above spam restrictions by posting/sending messages too frequently to too many users who don't follow you, within a small time frame. We recommend waiting 24 hours before sending messages again We suggest you always space out messages, and try sending them again later. 

We understand that writers in particular want to thank readers for their engagement. We recommend posting announcements or messaging readers who follow you. You can always message users who already follow you. For other tips on how to promote your story, see this article.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Wattpad Support Team

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