Tagging Your Story for The Wattys

Hey Wattpadders!

We've noticed an issue that some users are having when entering their stories into the Watty Awards. If you already have 20 tags on your story entry, you must delete a tag before adding #wattys2017 to your story!

If you don't delete a tag, you will still see the banner telling you that your entry tag has saved and that you were entered into the awards, however, once you leave the Story Details page, the tag will disappear.

Please make sure to count the number of tags that already exist on your story before adding the Wattys tag to make sure that you are officially entered. Also, please go into your story after saving the tags to check if your tag has saved.

If you have any further questions about why the Wattys tag isn't sticking to your story, please submit a support ticket.

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