Can't Change/Open Image [iOS/Android]

Hi Wattpadders, 
If you're having some trouble opening a photo to change your Profile/Background image or even to add media to your story, it is likely because your app does not have access to your photos. 
There are a few things you should verify first that may fix the issue for you: 
1. Please make sure Wattpad has access to the photos on your device. This can be checked in your device settings.
2. Your profile picture should be no bigger than 512x512 pixels in gif or jpg format. 
3. Your background photo should not exceed 1MB in size.
4. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wattpad App. 

If this still doesn't help you with this issue, please submit a ticket through support and we will be happy to assist you.

Make sure to write to us from the email that your account is linked to.

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