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How we protect your stories




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Millions of writers use Wattpad to share their stories and ideas with the world. These storytellers—who spend time crafting and polishing their works—not only rely on the support of the global community, but also the safeguards we’ve put in place to protect their content. We are deeply committed to protecting the work of writers both on the site and off. Here’s a list of the measures currently in place. We are continuously exploring ways to improve our approach to ensure the protection and safety of the wonderful Wattpad community.


On the platform, we:

  • Remove users/accounts who are found to be pirating content
  • Accept and action official DMCA Takedown Requests from copyright owners
  • Accept and action verified copyright infringement reports of well-known published works (For example, the Harry Potter series).

Off the platform, we:

  • Leverage available technology, policy and legal solutions to prevent content pirates from gaining access to stories on the platform 

Unfortunately, the internet makes it impossible to completely prevent copyright infringement. You are, however, automatically protected under copyright law the moment you put your original work into a fixed format. You do not have to register your work with your copyright office for it to be protected by the law, though it may be useful. As the copyright owner of your original work, you have the right to submit a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown request to any website you find your work being infringed on.

To learn how to report a site who you believe is stealing your content, please check out our Reporting Copyright Infringement article.


We also recommend checking out our Support Bot when looking for quick answers! You can find our bot by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of the Help Center (, or going to your Settings > Help Center on the app.

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