Phishing Emails and/or Notifications asking for your password

Several Wattpadders have recently reported receiving fraudulent e-mails, also known as phishing or brand spoofing, reporting a security breach and asking for usernames and passwords. Fraudulent e-mails come in many forms, but generally ask our community members to send their account credentials (username and password) or to select a link, leading them to a fraudulent web site that looks like a legitimate web site — even duplicating logos and text and asking users to sign-in or change their password.

Fraudulent e-mail messages may imply a sense of urgency or immediate risk to your account if you fail to answer. Special offers and prizes may also be promoted as incentives.

Wattpad will never ask you to respond via e-mail to any requests for private or personal information including passwords, personal information numbers or sign in information. If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from Wattpad and the e-mail requests that you select a link and/or re-enter your personal information or password, do not reply to the e-mail — please submit a ticket here to let us know about the e-mail, then delete it immediately. Describe the fraudulent incident, making sure to attach or include any fraudulent e-mails you received.



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