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Complete Content

What is Complete Content?

A complete story is a finished novel on Wattpad of at least 40,000 words. The story has an ending that has been posted and is no longer updating. The story can be part of a series. While we recommend serializing your novels, we also understand some writers may take several months or years between sequels or they prefer to write a story offline first before posting it.

How Does a Story Get Discovered?

Complete stories are discovered through data performance on the platform. These stories are usually part of the catalog of writers in the Creators Program but can also be found across the platform if they are outstanding. Complete stories cannot be pitched.

How Does the Opportunity Work?

Once a story enters a complete monetization opportunity, it must have at least 40,000 words published on the platform and be marked complete, with an ending in the story. The story will be reviewed by an editor and you may be asked to make some small edits or changes to certain sections of the story before proceeding to a full typo edit to clean up any remaining typing errors. If you’re unfamiliar with a typing error, they look liek thsi. 

Once the story is edited it will be scheduled for launch and then release, with no additional work required from the author. You can get working on your next project, take some time off, or maybe that’s it for your writing and you're happy you got to tell your story. The story will remain in the opportunity for the duration of its contract term and then will be renewed or released when it ends.


Are There Limited Spots Available?

There are limited spots available for complete content. The total number is more flexible than serialized content, but serialized content opportunities remain the priority for Wattpad, so if you’re deciding between which opportunity you want, keep that in mind. Complete content can still be launched with editing and marketing support, and can still be a major success.

Is There Any Additional Support for Complete Content?

No. As the story is finished, once it is edited and launched, there’s no additional work to do. The story can still be promoted by Wattpad after its launch and authors are welcome to do their own promotion for their stories.

If the story is part of any partner opportunities, such as YONDER, the author may be asked to make small formatting changes, but otherwise no additional work is required; we’ll handle it.

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