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Log in to WIN FAQ

How can I participate in the Log in to Win event? 

To participate, you must log in to Wattpad (i.e. open the app or daily for 7 days from May 15 to May 28. By doing so, you will be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win one free month of Wattpad Premium. 


Who is eligible to win the free month of Wattpad Premium? 

Wattpadders based in the United States who log in 7 days consecutively between May 15 to May 28 are eligible to win a free month of Wattpad Premium. Winners will be selected via a lucky draw and are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the event. 


How many winners will there be? 

200 winners will be selected to win one month free of Wattpad Premium. 


How will winners be selected? 

Winners who meet the eligibility criteria will be selected via a lucky draw. 


How will Wattpad inform me if I have won via the lucky draw? 

If you are selected as a winner via the lucky draw, you will receive a Direct Message from “Wattpad” on your Wattpad account within 3 weeks of the event end date. One month of Wattpad Premium will be automatically activated on your account for free. If you don’t win this time around, there will be plenty more opportunities to participate in future sweepstakes. 


What happens after my free gift of Wattpad Premium ends? 

After your free month of Wattpad Premium ends, you will return to the free experience on Wattpad. Your free subscription will not auto-renew and you will not be billed. If you wish to continue using Wattpad Premium, tap the “Try Premium” button on the top right of the Home screen on the Wattpad app to view available plans. 


What are the benefits of Wattpad Premium? 

Wattpad Premium is an enhanced, subscription-based version of Wattpad. Premium subscribers receive uninterrupted, ad-free reading across all their devices and unlimited offline stories. Subscribers also receive bonus Coins—up to 66% more Coins free—with every purchase of any Wattpad Coin pack to unlock Paid Stories. Another Premium feature? Access to custom theme colors to personalize the entire Wattpad experience.

Click here to learn more about Wattpad Premium. 


When will this event be available in my country? 

We’re excited to launch this event for the first time on Wattpad, starting with Wattpadders in the United States. We’ll explore running similar events in other countries over the next few months to reward more members of the Wattpad community for their continued support of creators and their stories on Wattpad. 

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