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“Your stories” on the Wattpad homepage: FAQ

What is it?

This is a new row on your homepage designed to keep you connected with stories you’ve read. It features the story you are currently reading, stories with new parts from your reading history (up to ten stories), and other stories you’ve recently read (up to ten stories).

Can I hide this row or the stories that appear there?

At this time, you cannot dismiss or hide this row or any of the stories in it. But the row will update every day to show you the most recent and up-to-date stories you’ve been reading.

Why don’t I see this row?

If you don’t see the row, this could be due to a few different reasons:

  • You are a new user and you haven’t read anything yet: this row will populate as you read.
  • You haven’t read anything since we began collecting data for this row (August 2023): this row will populate as you continue to read.
  • You are using an ad blocker: we are unable to collect reading data for anyone using an ad blocker. 

Why is the row not up-to-date?

We are working on scaling up our system to reduce this lag time. In the meantime, the stories should refresh every 5 to 10 minutes. To refresh manually:

  • On iOS: open the homepage and pull down from the top of the screen
  • On Android: close the app fully and reopen
  • On web: click the refresh button

Why do I see fewer than ten stories in “Updated recently” or “Jump back in”?

We only began collecting data for this row in August 2023. If you have not read twenty stories since then, you will see fewer stories in your row. 

Alternatively, if you have read many stories, but none or very few have new parts added in the last two weeks, you will see fewer than ten stories in the “Updated recently” section. 

Why are some stories I read recently missing from the row?

If you use an ad blocker, we cannot collect reading data for you. If you occasionally use an ad blocker (for example, you use an ad blocker on the web but also read Wattpad through the app), we will only be able to show stories you read while you were not using the ad blocker. 

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