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Premium Picks - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Premium Picks? How does this feature work?  

Premium Picks are a new way for Wattpad Premium and Premium+ subscribers to access a curated collection of Wattpad Originals at the same great price. On the first day of each month, subscribers get access to a fresh collection of 5 Wattpad Originals to read for the full month, so they can indulge in an ongoing stream of quality content from Wattpad’s top creators in a variety of genres. 

Wattpad Originals featured in the current month’s Premium Picks will have no paywalls for subscribers, meaning you do not need to use Coins or your Premium+ unlocks to read them. 

How many Wattpad Originals are included with Wattpad Premium and Premium+? 

Subscribers will get access to 5 Wattpad Originals each month with their subscription. 

What’s the difference between Wattpad Premium and Premium+? 

Wattpad Premium is an enhanced, subscription-based version of Wattpad. Premium subscribers receive uninterrupted, ad-free reading across all their devices and unlimited offline stories. Subscribers also receive access to Premium Picks, a curated collection of Wattpad Originals refreshed monthly, and up to 66% more bonus Coins with every purchase of any Wattpad Coin package to unlock even more Wattpad Originals. Another Premium feature? Access to custom theme colors to personalize the entire Wattpad experience.

With Premium+, you can enjoy all the benefits of Wattpad Premium, plus unlock Wattpad Originals of your own choice, from a growing collection of thousands of stories in every genre, only on Wattpad. You can unlock 2 Wattpad Originals/month with a monthly Premium+ plan, 12 Wattpad Originals/6 months with a 6 month plan, and 24 Wattpad Originals/year with an annual plan. 

What is the benefit of subscribing to access Wattpad Originals vs. unlocking with Coins? 

A Wattpad Premium or Premium+ subscription is the more cost-effective and convenient way for readers to enjoy Wattpad Originals in comparison to purchasing Coin packs to unlock complete stories. In addition, you can fully immerse yourself in stories with ad-free reading, save unlimited stories offline, and more, giving you much more bang for your buck. This is why subscribing is the preferred choice of readers who love to indulge in an endless stream of entertaining, quality content, distraction-free. 

When do new Premium Picks become available with my subscription? How can I track when they expire? 

New Premium Picks become available on the first day of each month, at midnight, EST. At this time, the previous month’s Premium Picks will expire and become paywalled again. We’ve added a countdown timer to the Premium Picks screen so you can easily keep up with the remaining duration of the current month’s Picks and make the most of your perks as a subscriber. We also recommend turning on Notifications via your Wattpad app to get notified when new Premium Picks are available and get reminders to read during the month. 

Will I get notified when Premium Picks are about to expire or when new stories are available? 

Yes, if you have opted in to receive notifications, you will be notified about the release of new Premium Picks and reminders to read the current month’s Picks. To manage your notification settings, please enable notifications from Wattpad via your device settings. Then, visit your profile in the Wattpad app, tap the Settings icon on the top right, followed by the Push Notifications menu. Toggle on settings for Product & Community News, and Promotions & Events to stay updated.  

Where can I find the Wattpad Originals available to me with this month’s Premium Picks? 

Subscribers can easily discover Premium Picks for the current month and next month by visiting their Library and tapping the Premium Picks card at the top of the screen. Each month’s stories are also available in a Reading List on the @WattpadOriginals profile.  

Can I continue reading Premium Picks after they expire?

No. Wattpad Originals featured in each month’s Premium Picks are available to read for free for the full month. Once they expire at the end of the month, you can continue reading them at your own pace by unlocking the remainder of the story with Coins or a Premium+ unlock (if you are a Premium+ subscriber). 

How are Premium Picks selected for subscribers each month? 

Premium Picks are curated by Wattpad’s team of editorial experts, based on subscribers’ reading preferences, trending and bestselling Wattpad Originals in a variety of genres. We’re excited to learn more about how subscribers engage with this new feature to further personalize the curation of stories for each subscriber’s individual taste. 

Can I get access to Premium Picks during my free trial? 

Yes, you can access the current month’s Premium Picks during your free trial. A 7-day free trial is currently available with Wattpad Premium and for readers on iOS devices for Wattpad Premium+. 

What languages are Premium Picks available in? 

Premium Picks currently feature Wattpad Originals in the English language. We recognize that not all our subscribers read stories in English and are working hard to expand the collection to other languages over the next few months. 

What happens if I cancel my subscription? Can I still read the Wattpad Originals I had started reading as a subscriber? 

When you cancel your subscription, you can continue to enjoy your subscription benefits until it expires. For example, if your subscription renewal date is May 24, and you cancel on May 12, you will retain access to your subscription benefits until May 23. This includes Wattpad Originals featured in that month’s Premium Picks. When your subscription ends, you will lose access and can continue reading Wattpad Originals by unlocking them with Coins.  

Do I have to pay extra to get access to Premium Picks?

Premium Picks are a new feature available to Wattpad Premium and Premium+ subscribers at the same great price with no extra cost and do not need to be unlocked with Coins. 

How do I add a Premium Pick to my Library?

Tap on the Premium Picks banner in your Library to view the current and next month’s Premium Picks. On the Wattpad app, you can tap the +Library button to add these stories to your Library. On web and mobile web, click on a story to visit the Story Details page, and click the “+” icon next to the “Start Reading” button, followed by “Add to Library”. 

What devices can I read Premium Picks on?

You can read Premium Picks on any device you currently use to access Wattpad, including via the Wattpad app or browser on a smartphone or tablet, or via on a laptop/desktop computer. 

Can I request which Wattpad Originals I get for free with Premium Picks?

As we are in the early stages of launching this feature, there is currently no way to request specific Wattpad Originals to be included in Premium Picks. However, we’re always looking for ways to improve our offerings and are excited to hear your feedback about the stories curated for you via the Feature Feedback section of our Help Center.  

What if I’ve already read an Original in this month’s Premium Picks, or don’t like the options?

Premium Picks are curated by Wattpad’s team of editorial experts, based on subscribers’ reading preferences, trending and bestselling Wattpad Originals in a variety of genres—including stories that are truly worthy of a re-read. We will continue to improve this feature to enhance the personalization you see in each month’s curation.

Are the Wattpad Originals featured in Premium Picks ongoing or complete?

Premium Picks will include only completed Wattpad Originals to ensure subscribers can get the most value from their subscription plan. We know our subscribers are power readers and want you to get to the end of each quality read within the month of its curation. 

If I started my subscription in the middle of the month, do I still get 30 days to read the story?

No, since Premium Picks refresh at the beginning of each calendar month, if you begin your subscription in the middle of the month, you will only have the remaining days of that month to access that month's stories for free. You will get the full month from the next month onwards. 


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