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Wattpad Originals - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wattpad Originals?

Wattpad Originals are a diverse collection of high-quality stories from Wattpad’s top creators, giving readers the chance to indulge in top-tier content and support their favorite creators. Handpicked by our editorial experts, you’re sure to find your next favorite read. You can directly support writers by unlocking Wattpad Originals with Coins or a Wattpad Premium+ subscription, or wait to unlock ongoing Originals for free (more on this below). 

What’s the difference between ongoing and completed Wattpad Originals? 

Ongoing Wattpad Originals are updated on a regular schedule until they are completed, with one or more new parts being published weekly. Only the latest 10 parts of these stories are paywalled at any time, meaning that each time a new part is published, another part becomes available for free. With ongoing Originals, you can either skip the wait and unlock more parts with Coins or Premium+, or wait to read when more parts become free. Ongoing Originals are currently available in the English language. 

Completed Wattpad Originals currently have a fixed paywall, meaning you can either unlock them with Coins or your Wattpad Premium+ subscription. 

How can I unlock Wattpad Originals?

Wattpad Originals can be unlocked using Coins or with a Wattpad Premium+ subscription. Coins and subscriptions can be purchased on the Wattpad app and will be paid for through your App Store or Google Play account. Once you have purchased Coins or subscribed, you can unlock stories on either your Wattpad app or on  

Ongoing Wattpad Originals only have the latest 10-story parts paywalled at any time. Each time a new part is published, another part becomes available for free. With ongoing Originals, you can either skip the wait and unlock more parts with Coins or Premium+, or wait to read when more parts become free. 

Note that a Wattpad Premium+ unlock gives you access to a full season only. If there are additional seasons in the series, you can use more of your Premium+ unlocks to access them.   

Click here for full details and to read our Policy. 

Where can I see when new parts will become free on an ongoing Wattpad Original? 

You can see the release schedule of ongoing Wattpad Originals in the Story Description, the intro chapter of the story, or at the end of the last free part to learn when the next part will become free. 

For example, if a story has new parts being published on Tuesdays, you can expect one more part to become free on Tuesdays until the story is completed. Note that the latest 10 parts of the story will remain behind a paywall. 

We recommend adding Wattpad Originals to your Library and turning on your notifications so you don’t miss a beat of your favourite worlds and characters. ​​To manage your notification settings, visit your Profile in the Wattpad app, tap the Settings icon on the top right, followed by the Push Notifications menu. Toggle on settings for Story updates in my Library to stay updated with new chapter drops on the stories you love.   

Do some Wattpad Originals have more free parts than others? 

The placement of paywalls on Wattpad Originals may vary. Completed stories generally have the first few parts available for free, allowing readers to preview the writing style, get to know the characters, and determine if the story matches their reading taste before continuing to unlock paywalled parts. 

Ongoing stories have the latest 10 parts paywalled, and all previous parts free. For Wattpad Originals with multiple seasons (also known as series), once a new season is published, the previous season may become free or its last 10 parts may remain paywalled. 

You can choose to unlock paywalled parts with Coins or with your Wattpad Premium+ plan. 

Can I read Wattpad Originals on any device?

You can read Wattpad Originals anywhere you usually use Wattpad. Once you’ve unlocked Wattpad Original parts or stories, you can read them just like all your other Wattpad stories.

I don’t want to pay for a story I’m not sure I am interested in. How will I know if I like a Wattpad Original?

You don’t need to pay right away. All Wattpad Originals have several free chapters to explore before you need to use Coins or a subscription to unlock the rest of the story.

How can I purchase Coins?

First, open the Wattpad app on your mobile device. Tap the Wallet on your Profile to check your current balance, and load your account.

To purchase Coins, select a Coin package and follow the confirmation steps presented by the App Store or Google Play. Your Coin balance will automatically be updated anywhere you use Wattpad.

There are two ways you can support your favorite writers with Wattpad Originals:

  1. One part at a time

Unlock each part when you’re ready. Just click the [Unlock next part] button to redeem Coins, and keep reading.

  1. The whole story at once

Don’t want to redeem Coins after every chapter? Redeem them all at once so you can unlock the entire story (if completed). You’ll enjoy seamless reading—and a discount compared to unlocking the story part by part!

When you unlock a story with Coins, they will be deducted from your wallet, and you’ll instantly have access. Clear your calendar!

How many Coins are needed to unlock a part?

The cost of a part is generally determined by the average number of words in the part. Stories with significantly longer parts will cost more, while stories with shorter parts will cost less to unlock. 

Why am I seeing U.S. pricing for Coins outside of the U.S.?

For many countries, the price of Coins is determined by the price of Coins in the US. The price is directly linked to the US Coin packages, and localized currency is not available in the App Store or Google Play. When purchasing in USD, you will see the purchase confirmation in the Wattpad app in USD and be charged in your local currency.

How can I subscribe to Wattpad Premium or Premium+?

You can subscribe to Wattpad Premium and Premium+ from within the Wattpad Android or iOS apps. To upgrade, simply tap on the Try Premium button from the home screen, or select it in your Settings menu. Once you subscribe, your account will instantly be upgraded to the subscription of your choice wherever you use Wattpad—including in-app and on the web. Learn more about our subscription plans here

How does Wattpad choose which stories are selected as Wattpad Originals?

Using editorial expertise, we select strong, well-crafted, serialized stories that represent your diverse range of voices, genres, and styles for Wattpad Originals. Every Wattpad Original represents an immediate, engaging, and commercial narrative, and they all fall under one of our clearly defined verticals, each of which is tailored to specific reader and writer experiences.

How can I get my story to be considered for Wattpad Originals?

Wattpad Originals is currently invite-only. The Wattpad community starts and ends with its writers, and we’re committed to supporting every step of your journey. Please visit our Creators Portal for tools to help build your community, useful writing tips, and to learn about the programs available to writers on Wattpad.

Are stories aside from Wattpad Originals considered lower quality because they are free?

No. Every story on Wattpad has an audience, just like every reader has personal tastes. We’ve used editorial expertise, the power of data insights, and reader engagement to select Wattpad Originals. These are the stories we know readers will certainly fall in love with.

The goal of Wattpad Originals is to provide readers with high-quality content and help writers make money from their work on Wattpad. We are working with a wide range of writers and stories that reflect the diversity and interests of Wattpadders.

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