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Top 10 FAQ

What is the Top 10 row on Home?

The Top 10 row is a new section on Home that shows you the top stories currently trending in your country. We’re excited to give you a new way to discover great stories that are popular in your area among your fellow readers. 

Why did you roll out this new feature? 

When it comes to finding a new story, it’s great to have options! With the Top 10 Stories row, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the hottest story, and possibly your next favorite. Stories that have gained popularity and are trending in your country will be regularly surfaced here, keeping you up-to-date with what readers are currently enjoying, and helping you find a great new read. 

Where can I find the Top 10 in my country?

Wattpadders in the U.S., India, the U.K, Canada, and the Philippines with their app or web language settings set to English can currently see the Top 10 row on Wattpad Home.

When will the Top 10 row be available in my country?

We hope to bring this new feature to everyone in the Wattpad community. We’ll be sure to let you know as we expand this feature to new countries and languages. 

How do you choose what stories you’re including in the row?

Stories are featured, and surfaced, on the Top 10 row via an algorithm based on their recent (rather than historical) trends in popularity and engaged readers, updated every few hours.
The row includes ongoing and completed stories, and excludes incomplete stories – stories that have not been updated in 10 weeks – to ensure readers aren't left hanging with stories that never get to the finish line. The stories that are regularly updated or completed, and currently popular with a large engaged reader base, are then shared in the Top 10 Stories Row to help you discover what’s trending in your country.

Is the algorithm for Top 10 the same as the one determining rankings in tags?

The Top 10 row uses a different algorithm than rankings for tags. If your story is ranked #1 in a tag such as #romance, it may not appear in the Top 10 row. Similarly, if your story appears in the Top 10, it is not necessarily ranked #1 in any or all tags. To learn more about how stories rank in tags, see our Story Rankings FAQ

How do I get my stories into the Top 10 row?

The stories surfaced in the Top 10 row are determined by their popularity in each region and growth in engaged readers. Curious about what it means to be an engaged reader? Learn more with our Story Statistics FAQ. As you look to build your engaged reader base, check out our Creator Portal for learnings on how to build your audience, keep your story updates consistent, and more! 

How often is the Top 10 row updated?

The Top 10 row is updated every six (6) hours! When you explore this row on Home, you can be sure that all the stories are currently being enjoyed by your fellow Wattpadders. Join them, and jump into a great new read! 

Will the row only include Paid Stories (Wattpad Originals)?

No. As the stories shared reflect what people in your area are currently reading, you may see a mix of both free stories and Paid Stories/Wattpad Originals. 

Does the Top 10 row only include completed stories?

No. The Top 10 row will include a mix of completed and ongoing stories. Stories that haven’t been recently updated – 10 or more weeks since their last update – won’t be considered for this row. Forget worrying about getting caught in an unintentional cliffhanger with stories that haven’t been updated recently – now your only worry will be how to get through all the great new reads. 

Can mature stories be in the Top 10?

Yes, stories labeled as mature can appear in the Top 10. However, please be aware that underage users are not able to see mature stories on Wattpad. As such, underage readers, and Wattpadders who have mature content turned off, will see a Top 10 that does not include mature stories. 

Why does the Top 10 have more of certain genres?

The Top 10 looks at overall engagement and trends, not trends for a specific category or genre. Because romance and fanfiction are major genres on Wattpad, they may show up more often in the Top 10.

Will the Top 10 row be available on mobile as well as desktop?

Yes. Wattpadders in the U.S., India, the U.K, Canada, and the Philippines whose language settings are in English will be able to see this row on any device. The feature will be available on version 10.30 of the app and later. 

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