Selecting Copyright Language

When you post your story on Wattpad using Advanced Options, there are multiple copyright options that you can select from. Each of the options only applies to the work that you can copyright; if you include song lyrics, lines from books, films or tv shows, or famous people and historical figures, you’re not claiming copyright ownership to them by selecting any of these options.

Selecting copyright language doesn’t register your work with any copyright offices, or transfer copyright ownership to Wattpad (you grant Wattpad some limited licenses when you upload a story or other content). If you want to register it with your country’s copyright office, there are a lot of resources online to help you. You can search for your country’s copyright office through WIPO’s Directory of Intellectual Property Offices at

The most commonly used options are as follows:

All Rights Reserved

The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work. In some ways, you have total control over your story, but since copyright doesn’t give you a complete monopoly, others can still use your story in certain ways, by including short excerpts in reviews and recs, creating fanart or covers for you, etc.

Public Domain

It’s also known as “No rights reserved”. Technically, putting a work in the public domain in most countries can be a complicated process, but if you select this option, you’re telling everyone that they can use your story for any purpose; they can print it and sell it, they can make a movie out of it, anything they want. If you select this option, you relinquish all copyrights that you hold in the story.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons has shared the text of a number of types of copyright licenses. If you select one, you reserve some of the right to your story, but you’re also giving the general public some licenses, like the right to translate your story, or make a film using your dialogue, or even print it to sell at a fancon. Individuals wanting to collaborate with a writer must go through this route.

There are several Creative Commons licenses to suit your needs:

Attribution [CC BY]: others can use and distribute your work, but they must attribute the work to you

Share Alike [CC BY-SA]: others can use your work, but whatever they use it for must be shared too

No Derivative [CC BY-ND]: your work can be used, word for word, but you can’t remix or change it

Non Commercial [CC BY-NC]: people can use your work, but can’t make money from it

For more information on Creative Commons copyright options, please visit:


How does posting on Wattpad protect my copyright?

A work - that’s a story, art, even a post or review - is protected by copyright, and owned by you, as soon as you write it on paper or save it to your computer or mobile device’s drive. To get the most protection for it (or sue if someone unlawfully infringes on it) you need to register it in your country’s copyright office.

However, when you post your story on Wattpad, we automatically insert into the file the date of publish on that story for you. This can be found by hovering over the story's status in the description page, and establishes the proof of creation required for any copyright issues that arise. If there is any dispute about the original source of the work, the registered date of the digital work on Wattpad provides third party support for your claims.

Remember, there is no silver-bullet way to ensure that no one is redistributing your work without your consent, but Wattpad’s copyright-support tools help us to safeguard our writers against those who try to do so.


Reporting a story for copyright infringement

We encourage our community to report any stories which violate another writer’s copyright by clicking the report button under the story’s cover.

If you are reporting a copyright violation, please provide us with evidence, or a link to the original and copied works, as well as a clear reason as to how you believe this work has violated our Terms of Service (

If you are a copyright owner, are authorized to act on behalf of one, or are authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report alleged copyright infringements taking place on or through Wattpad by completing the following DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement form, located at this link:

Please note that similar story lines or plot themes are not enough to constitute a copyright violation. All reported stories will be reviewed, but unless there is substantial evidence of copyright infringement the story will remain on Wattpad.

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