How can I help translate Wattpad?

Help translate Wattpad into your native language! We rely on volunteers (like you) to translate Wattpad into many different languages, this includes the website, iPhone, Android and other mobile apps.

To get started, you first need an account with Crowdin.  The registration process is simple and free.  We’ll walk you through the registration process and the translation process.



1. Go to

2. Click on Sign Up button as shown below.


3. Fill in the information as requested.  Make sure you check the check box and click the “Sign up and create my profile” button


4. You will soon receive a confirmation email from Crowdin.  Check your spam or junk folder just in case it was misfiled there.

5. In the activation email, click on the confirmation link as shown below.



6. In your browser, go to

7. This will re-direct you to the following page.  Click Login to log into the site, if you are not already logged in

8. Click on “Wattpad Web” to translate the Website, or “Wattpad Android” to translate  Wattpad Mobile for Android


9. Once you choose the project, you will have to choose your language of choice.  Click on the globe for your choice of language.  If you don’t see it initially, click on other regions to find your language.


10.Once you choose your language, you can begin translation.

11. Click on the Translate Button as shown below to begin Translation.


12. Below is the Translation Screen.  On the left side is the texts to translate and the right hand side is a list of suggestions from Google, Microsoft other users, as well as the current Wattpad Translation.  If there is no Wattpad Translation in the suggestion list, that means the English Words are not translated yet.  Those are the ones we need you to work on.


13. You can choose the suggestions below or type in your own translation in the edit box.  Click SUGGEST when done.


14. After clicking Suggest, you will automatically move onto the next set of words.  Watch out for the ERROR messages on the top.  Fix the error or click Continue to move on.


15. You can exit the website any time you want.  Next time you come to htt://, you can pick up from where you were.


Good Luck!

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