About Community

Community on Wattpad allows for a group of users to gather together to discuss a variety of topics and discussions. The link for Community is: https://www.wattpadwriters.com.

Community was created by Wattpad staff only. Users can generate their own discussions by creating threads within Community topics.

Community Conduct

Community forums can be extremely fun in Wattpad.  You can meet other users, make some new friends, find some great stories to read.  You can even tell others about your own stories, or other great stories that you have come across on Wattpad.  In addition, our ambassadors always have some "fun discussions'' to share with the community.  If you feel like it, you can start some "fun discussions" too.

There is some Community etiquette which we would like to point out, in addition to our general Code of Conduct rules that must always be adhered to on Wattpad.  These etiquette will sure help the Community Forums a fun experience for everyone.


1. Please promote your story in the single discussion in each Community category, and no other part of Community.

Community is designed for all members to hangout, to have fun and to meet some new friends. So, please post all story promotions in the single discussion thread pinned to the top of each Community category only.  Any story promotion posted outside of these discussion threads will be moved without notice.  Any unrelated ad-post within a discussion will be removed immediately--this is also not limited to spamming excessively with self-advertising posts within 24 hours.


2. Contribute positively to the discussions

There are so many topics you can participate or even start one on your own.  One thing to keep in mind, is to be a supportive and positive contributor.  You can definitely have your own ideas and opinions, but it is very important to respect the others which may have different opinions.  So, if ever there is a disagreement, try to smile and deal with the issue in a civil way.  If you need help, you can contact our ambassadors or Wattpad for assistance


3. Play the game fairly

Don't we all love votes, facebook likes and tweets?  Doesn't it feel great when we see our stories getting more and more support from the community?  It's feels great when someone love our works, when they comment on them, vote on them or even promote them to their own fans.  But then, will we feel the same kind of "thrill" if we know that the votes we have got on our stories were just some "trades" we have struck with other users?   Is this fair to others who do not participate in this kind of trade?  I think we all know the answers :)  After all, it's a violation to our rules anyway.  You are more then welcome to encourage people to support you.  But any kind of vote trade is not allowed and our Community moderators will close those discussions without notice.

Have Fun!

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