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Using the Wattpad story widget

The Wattpad story widget allows you to easily share stories on your blog or other websites by embedding the first story part. The widget’s clean and simple design lets users get a snapshot of a story before they get right to reading it.

This feature is only available on the web.

To access the story widget, follow these steps:

  1. Click the  button to the right of a story description.
  2. Select Embed Story. To embed the story widget, simply select the code from the Embed bar or from the bottom of the Widget Preview window, and copy-and-paste it into the content of your blog or website. The widget works best in modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox. 
  3. Try it out on one of your own stories and start spreading the word!

The main screen in the widget captures all of the pertinent information about the story that has been embedded: title, story cover, writer, reads, votes, comments, genre, and tags. When you click on the arrow on the right side of the widget, the screen slides over to reveal the story description and text from the first part.



You can also share or promote any story on various platforms. 

Since Wordpress does not allow iframe embeds, you’ll have to use a plugin. Only premium Wordpress accounts will be able to add plugins.

On Tumblr, copy and paste the embed code under the video icon.

If you’re having trouble embedding a story, please let us know by clicking on Fix a problem / Contact us at the bottom of this page to submit a ticket. 


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