How Can I Read Stories Offline?

To read offline on your device, make sure your library is synced.

You must be online to sync a library, but you can turn your internet connection off as soon as the syncing is done.

NOTE: Make sure you do not log out before losing your internet connection. If you log out, your stories might not be downloaded to your device.

Select a platform for more details: 

On iOS

To sync your library:

  1. Pull down on the screen.
  2. An orange ‘W’ will appear
  3. Wait until it reaches 100% and disappears. Now your library has been synced.

On Android

To sync your library:

  1. Pull down on the screen.
    A circular arrow will appear in the middle of the screen.
  2. When it disappears and the covers are brightly-coloured, your library will be synced.

Please note that not all of your stories are available for offline reading. This is done to conserve device memory by only keeping the most recently accessed stories accessible offline.

If you want to read a story that has not been downloaded, you will have to connect to the internet and open that particular story.

On Windows Phone

To sync your library:

  1. Tap on the circular arrows (bottom, rightmost button)
  2. Orange dots circling the middle of the screen should appear.
  3. When they disappear, your library will be synced.

On Web

It’s unfortunately not possible to read stories offline on the web.

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