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Adding a cover to your story

To make your story more enticing for other users and give it a personal touch, consider adding a cover!

You have the option to select images from your phone or computer, or you can design a cover using Canva or the Desygner app

It's worth noting that images should be in png, jpg, or jpeg format. Keep in mind that the default cover image resolution is 512x800. Using high-resolution images might result in blurriness, particularly on displays with higher resolutions. This could be why your story cover appears unclear.

Furthermore, for optimal performance on our platform, we currently apply compression to covers after they're uploaded. This compression can slightly reduce cover quality, which is most noticeable for covers with solid colors or darker shades like blues, greens, and reds.

We're actively exploring ways to enhance cover quality without compromising platform performance. Unfortunately, for the time being, there isn't a workaround available as this is an inherent aspect of our platform's structure.

To learn how to add or edit a story cover, choose one of the options below:

On iOS

  1. Tap on the   Create button in the bottom menu bar
  2. Navigate to your story
  3. Select Add cover/Edit Cover
  4. Select Photos or Create Cover
    • If you selected Photos, you’ll have to choose between Take Photo and Choose existing

On Android

  1. Tap on the   Create button in the bottom menu bar
  2. Navigate to your story
  3. Tap on Add cover/Edit Cover
  4. Select either Photos or Create Cover

On Desktop Web

  1. Click Write in the top navigation bar
  2. Navigate to your story
  3. Click on the  Choose file button in the lower-left corner of the cover
  4. Select Upload Cover or Create Cover

If you’re having trouble creating a cover with Desygner or Canva, please reach out to their Support team and they'll be happy to help you!

To contact Desygner Support, click here.
To contact Canva Support, click here

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