Private Stories & Story Parts

If you’d like to share a story or particular story part(s) with only your devoted followers, you can make the part or the entire story private.

A user only needs to follow you to be able to read a private story part or story.

Please note that it is only possible to change a story or story part to private on the web.

It is not possible to change a story or story part back to public once you have made it private.

On Web

To make a story part private:

  1. Click on Create on the top menu bar
  2. Select a story
  3. Open a story part
  4. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner
  5. Beside Visibility, click and select Private
  6. Click on either Save, Publish or Publish Changes

To make an entire story private, you will need to make each story part within that story private, as outlined above.

On iOS, Android & Windows Phone

This feature is unfortunately not available on the apps.

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