How do I Get my Story Featured?

The Featured List is special because each story is lovingly hand-picked by our Creator Relations team (whereas the Hot and Undiscovered Lists are determined by algorithms). It doesn’t cost a thing to be considered for the list, but there are a few simple rules to follow. Like to apply? Read on...

How does it all work?

Once you’ve submitted the application to be featured, our Creator Relations team will review your request. Story submissions may take up to 6 weeks or more to be reviewed, sometimes longer depending on how many submissions we’ve received. Should a story be selected for featuring, we will contact the writer directly. Feel free to recommend stories other than your own, as well.

Being Featured doesn’t cost anything and requires no effort on your part. If selected, your story will be added to the list for six months and we ask that you please commit to keeping the complete work on Wattpad for those six months so our readers can fully enjoy it. After six months, your story may be removed from the Featured List to make room for newer ones. You will receive a message if this is the case for you story. We also reserve the right to remove your story from the list if you’re inactive on Wattpad, or if the story is reduced to a sample or rendered incomplete without notice.

Unsure of where you can find our featured lists? Have a look at our guide: The Featured List

What we’re looking for

  • Stories that have good grammar, spelling, plot development, characterization, a distinct tone of voice, etc.
  • Stories that are full-length and complete (or nearing completion).
  • Stories with a clear and compelling cover (sized 512x800), story description, and relevant tags.
  • Stories that will appeal to the diverse readership of the Wattpad community.
  • Stories that are distinctive and unique in plot and style.

What we’re not looking for

  • Excerpts, teasers, sample chapters, or works intending to remain incomplete. Sorry, but it’s gotta be completed or near completion.
  • Stories that cannot standalone (i.e., sequels).
  • Emailing us PDFs, ePubs, or Word documents containing your story. Stories must be posted on Wattpad.
  • Unedited works. First drafts are absolutely fine, but stories should have a level of polish to them.

Who we’re looking for

  • Wattpadders

It’s easy to get started, we promise. Sign up for an account and get posting!

  • Engaged Wattpadders

Writers who are also readers, commenters, voters. Writers who support other writers are the best writers, because you help each other succeed. We like writers who want to be an active part of the community. We don’t like writers who post a story and never come back again as much.

  • Kind and considerate Wattpadders

Trolls may stay under the bridge where they belong.

The Featured Story applications are temporarily closed for spring cleaning.

What to Expect If You Get Featured

If your story has been selected for featuring, we’ll set you up with a featured date (aka the official day we add your story to the List). Your story will be placed at the top of the list for around one week, but will be mixed in at random amongst the other stories thereafter to give everyone an equal chance at getting the limelight. You can expect an increase in readers, although we make no guarantees about the number of reads your story will get. We also clean up the list for writers who have become inactive on Wattpad, or stories that are reduced to a sample, rendered incomplete, or no longer fit within our guidelines.

After your week at the top of the list, your story will begin to randomize among the others and will change position daily. You could go from the top to the bottom and back again. 

Can I brag about my story being on the list?

Of course! Post it on your social media channels, tell your friends, go nuts! We definitely encourage you to share your Featured story. Some great avenues for Wattpad stories are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest. We think quote art is another great way to share beautiful snippets of your work in a visual way. You can also embed a link to your Wattpad profile on your author site or blog, or even embed your Featured story.

We’re not really into people making their own Featured stickers for story covers, but feel free to add “Featured Story” in your story description or “Featured Writer” in the About section on your profile.

Can I change my story after it’s been put on the list?

Yes and no. Here’s the thing: we selected your story for a reason (because we loved it!) and while we don’t want to limit your artistic freedom in any way, if you want to make changes to the original story, we need you to keep us in the loop. We’re not talking about minor typos here and there; we’re talking about significant changes that may affect its featurability. Changes could be the category/genre, title, cover, significant plot or character edits, significant format changes, reverting your story into draft or an excerpt (shame), or removing it entirely. If you are planning on making some significant changes to your story during its six month featuring period, please notify someone from our Creator Relations team.

Can I get Featured more than once?

We typically do not feature more than 1 story per writer at a time in the same or similar category. We will, on occasion, feature multiple stories by the same writer if they are in disparate genres (i.e., Fanfiction and Non-Fiction) and the story is nearing the end of its required six month feature period. If you’ve been featured already and you’d like to apply again, we’ll totally take a look and will sometimes arrange to swap stories on the list.

We ask that you don’t apply for the Featured List more than once within a six month period. We also ask that you only submit one story for us to feature, rather than multiple submissions. This is your opportunity to show us your best work, but if we feel that you have another story that is better suited for the Featured List, we’ll suggest it.


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