How do I Get my Story Featured?

The Featured List is special because each story is lovingly hand-picked by our Creator Relations team (whereas the Hot and Undiscovered Lists are determined by algorithms).

How does it all work?

The Creator Relations team is constantly searching through Wattpad for incredible content, and wants to bring a spotlight to as much of that as possible. When we come across an awesome story, we Feature it for a limited period of time, up to one month, so that it gets recognition. 

Stories don't have to be completed or have any number of reads, comments, votes, or any other activity to be featured.

Once a story is featured, its author is sent a notification to their private messages.

If you want to help us find your story better, you can add the tag #featured to your story. Stories without this tag are still entirely eligible to be featured.

And that's how it works!

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