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Story rankings are based on an algorithm that is very complex and changes all the time.

In the most basic terms, a story’s ranking is determined by the strength of recent support in the community. The more support a story receives, the higher its hotness will be during this time. If the support for the story trails off over time, its ranking will decrease. It’s important to remember that the ranking system is just one of the ways to keep wattpad fun, interesting and different.

At the moment this feature is only available on the web and only the first 1000 rankings are displayed.


Select a platform for more details.

On iOS, Android and Windows Phone

This feature is unfortunately not available on any of the apps.

On Web

  1. Click on your username in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select My Profile
  3. Click on the story you would like to check
  4. Look on the right side of the page, if there is a ranking it will be above the “All Rights Reserved” label.
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