How to Mute a User

The “Mute” button is located on each user’s profile and can be used to disable two-way communication between you and that person.

How do I mute someone?  

  1. Navigate to the user's profile. 
  2. Click or tap on the three dots '...' (or three vertical dots on Android)
  3. Select 'Mute User'

What happens when I mute someone?  

If you mute someone, they will not be able to send you an inbox message, write on your profile’s message board, or leave any comments on your stories. This action is reciprocal, and you will also be unable to contact them through these channels. Please also note that if you mute someone, they will still be able to view your profile, read, and vote on your stories.

If I mute someone, will they be notified? 

No, they will not be directly notified. If they try to contact you through the channels listed above, a pop up message will appear simply stating that they cannot interact with you.

I’ve muted someone, but they are still bothering me.

The muting feature is designed to empower the community to resolve minor disputes and differences on their own. In some serious cases, muting someone may not be enough to address the issue. 

If you have muted someone, but they are still finding ways to provoke or attack you, you can report them by submitting a ticket to

How do I know if I have been muted?

You may have been muted by someone if you are unable to send someone an inbox message, write on their profile’s message board, or leave any comments on their stories. If you believe you have been muted by someone, we ask that you respect their decision. Unfortunately, we are unable to reverse the action or contact the user about the issue.

For more information on what type of behaviour is encouraged in the community, please read our Code of Conduct.

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