How to Report a User

The Wattpad community is a safe and positive environment and all Wattpadders are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in respectful and appropriate forms. Discussing opinions on works, conversing with others, and developing new ideas together are all great ways to interact on Wattpad. In some cases, however, disputes can occur and may result in users being reported.

How do I report someone?

If you would like to report a user for cyber-bullying, harassment, threats, or impersonation, please submit a ticket through You may also report a user directly through their profile page if you are using the iOS or Android mobile apps. 

Make sure to include as much detail as possible, including any additional information, usernames, and story links. If at anytime you feel that your personal safety (or the safety of someone else) is at risk, please contact your local law enforcement immediately.

What happens after I report a user?

Each report that is submitted is reviewed and the appropriate actions are taken. In some situations, there may not be a notification of the resolution for the ticket.

There are many tools in place to help empower the community to resolve issues on their own and forge a strong sense of connection with other users. Always remember that reports are anonymous and safe and should be used when a situation has no resolution that can be reached between Wattpadders involved.

How do I mute someone?

Wattpadders are empowered to resolve personal disputes in private. By using the mute button located on each profile, you can prevent two-way communication between you and that person. For more information read this guide on How to Mute a User.

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