Protecting Your Personal Information

Internet safety is a top priority, and everyone should feel safe and secure whenever they use Wattpad. Privacy is important to those who wish to remain anonymous online, and no Wattpadder should ever feel obligated to reveal personal information.

Personal information includes things such as full name, address, age, phone number, or other personal identifiers. Here are a few tips to help protect your personal information while using Wattpad:

  1. Don’t post personal information in your profile or works.
  2. You can use the mute function on any Wattpadder who requests personal information to prevent them from contacting you. For more information visit our guide on How to Mute a User.
  3. Never give out your account password. If you feel that your account has been compromised, please review our guide on How to Report a Hacked Account and send a ticket through here. Please explain the issue with as much detail as possible. One of our support staff will review the ticket and assist you direclty.
  4. If anyone releases your personal information without your consent, contact them to have it removed. If you need additional support, submit a ticket here.
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