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Hi Community, 
This is regarding signing into your Wattpad account through twitter. Users were used to signing in via twitter on our page, but since we’ve introduced a new navigation bar, visible at the top of each page on Wattpad, this option is no longer available.
We would like to direct those users to log in using this link instead:
[Please note: If you did not create your account through twitter or if you did not link your twitter account to your Wattpad account, please do NOT click this link: a new Wattpad account, linked solely to your twitter account, will be created.]
When you have signed in, please go to your ‘Settings’ page and set up: first, a password, and then link a valid email address to your account. That way you will have access to your account should you ever have issues accessing your twitter account.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your cooperation.
The Wattpad Team
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