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Private / Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a way for Wattpad to communicate with you directly. Only Wattpad-affiliated accounts will be able to reach out to you to inform you of any upcoming changes to your account, potential research you can be a part of, or program opportunities. 

Why was the Direct Messaging feature removed? 

Wattpad is first and foremost a platform to read and write original stories, and we have transformed the way the world reads and writes fiction. Providing a platform to cultivate writing and reading communities has always been our top priority.

While dynamic, open commenting has always been embraced by our users, direct messaging has only been relevant to a small percentage of our global user base. 

Users can still communicate via commenting on stories and profiles. Writers will also still be able to connect with their followers to share news and updates via their writer profile. 

What happens to old messages?  

All direct messages will be deleted once the Direct Messaging feature is removed on May 6, 2024.

Can I save my direct messages? 

There is no download feature for existing messages and we cannot retrieve this data for you. 

You can review and access your Direct Messages until May 6, 2024. After that time, all messages will be deleted and the feature will no longer be available. 

How else can I stay connected with readers and writers on Wattpad? 

Wattpad users can connect via the public commenting feature on stories and in the Conversations section of profile pages.  

Wattpad used Direct Messages to connect with authors. How will you now send direct information to users? 

Wattpad will still have the ability to send direct messages to users. In the future, any direct message you receive will only be from Wattpad HQ. No other person will be able to send you a direct message.

You will not be able to respond to direct messages from Wattpad HQ. If you have any questions or concerns for us, you can submit a ticket by clicking on Fix a problem / Contact us. 

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