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Guidelines for Parents & Families

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a free social platform for sharing stories. The platform is accessible through the web, mobile site, and client applications (e.g. Wattpad for Android; Wattpad for iOS). Once registered, all users can read stories on Wattpad and write their own stories to share with the rest of the Community. Every user registered on Wattpad has a profile where they can share the stories they like, as well as photos and information about themselves. Wattpad also allows people to send personal messages to one another.

More information about the Wattpad platform is available at

Wattpad Age Policy

As per the Terms of Service, users agree that they are 13 years of age or older upon creating an account on Wattpad.

Closing An Account

All Wattpadders can close their own account at their own discretion. If you would like to close an account you control, you can use this guide.

Content Guidelines

There is a variety of content available on Wattpad. However, all stories on Wattpad must comply with the Content Guidelines to help ensure a safe environment. The Content Guidelines can be found here.


Mute Function

All Wattpadders are empowered with tools to assist in disputes. The mute function can be used to prevent communication between two Wattpadders. A muted Wattpadder cannot communicate with the person who muted them (through story comments, personal messages, or posts on their message board). For more information on the use and location of the mute function, check this guide. If there is ever a situation which cannot be entirely resolved using the mute function, you can report a user using this guide.


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