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Community Safety Guidelines

The Wattpad community is diverse and always growing. We want to make sure the community feels safe, secure, and happy, so everyone has the opportunity to share their stories with others.

To make that happen, we’ve put together some community guides that we’d like to share with you.


Wattpad is Public

Everything that is posted to Wattpad—whether it’s stories or messages—become a part of a public network. Anything you post or publish on Wattpad, or write on someone’s profile, can be seen by anyone on the internet. Before you post any personal information or ideas, ask yourself “Am I ok with having my parents or my teachers see this?” because they could find it.


Keep Personal Information Private

It’s best to keep your personal information to yourself. Because of the public nature of Wattpad, anything you post can be copied, spread, reposted, or found in ways you might not expect or intended. If you want something to stay private, don’t post it. Also, respect the privacy of other people by not posting other users private information. 


The Mute Function

There are a lot of ways to talk to other people on Wattpad. We love it when Wattpadders support each other and share constructive tips and feedback. To keep things positive, think about the messages you post, and always ask yourself “would I be happy to receive this kind of message?”.

If there’s another Wattpadder whose messages or posts are making you feel uncomfortable, there are a couple of easy ways to deal with the situation. You can always delete their comments from your own profile or your stories. You can also use the mute function to stop them from communicating with you. And,if you’re having a serious problem with another Wattpadder, you can submit a report.


Helping a Friend

If you have concerns about one of your friends dealing with bullying, depression, or self-harm, it always helps to reach out to them and be supportive. In cases where you are concerned about someone's safety, you should also always report it to the Wattpad Trust & Safety team.

If you’re facing real life challenges of your own, start by talking to an adult you trust, whether it’s a parent, a teacher, or a friend. For more help, check our Support Resources, and remember that cyberbullying is just as serious as physical bullying, and you should always talk about it with a trusted adult.

Quick Tips for Safety on Wattpad

  1. Report violations and abusive posts.
  2. Never share your password with anyone (even people who claim to be Wattpad staff).
  3. Avoid revealing personal, identifying information.
  4. Review the Code of Conduct and Content Guidelines.

Remember, you must be 13 years of age or older to have a Wattpad account.

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