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Shared accounts

We know that Wattpadders like to collaborate to create exciting new stories. An account used by more than one Wattpadder is a shared account.

Unfortunately, the issue with shared accounts is that we can't support them in the same way we support normal accounts. This is because the two pieces of security that allow for access to any account are the password and the email address. If you share both, it makes it very difficult for us to help you while maintaining the security of the account.

However, we don't block Wattpadders from making shared accounts. Here's a list of best practices to help keep your account secure and working:

  1. Work out exactly who knows the password and make sure it isn't shared to more people.
  2. Make sure everyone on the account is in agreement when you change or reset the password and/or the linked email address.
  3. Try to limit the number of Wattpadders who can access the account to 2 or 3. The more who know the password and/or linked email address, the greater the possibility for arguments or disagreements surrounding the account.
  4. If you or others on the account get into a disagreement, always try to work it out (either online or offline) amongst yourselves first. 
  5. When reporting a bug, make sure that only one of the account owners reports it. We can definitely help you with troubleshooting, but more Support requests does not mean faster support.
  6. Check out our Safety Portal for more resources on account safety.

Please note: If you contact support about a dispute over the account, we will be forced to close it and there is no chance for it or any of the works on it to be restored. 

Remember that with any account, access to the linked email address is the most important thing. If you ever forget or lose access to it, we won't be able to help you regain access to the account.

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