Can't Change Email

If you are having problems changing your email, it might be for the following reasons:

  • the email address you're trying to use is already linked to another account
  • forgot password
  • no access to the linked email or Wattpad account

See a category for more details.

Email Already In Use?

Getting a prompt saying that your email is already in use? It's because this email is already linked to another Wattpad account.

Emails can only be linked to one Wattpad account, so you'll need to use another email address. Accounts must be linked to an email.

Forgot Password?

If you can't change your email because you don't remember your password, then reset it. Have a look at our guide if you need help: Reset Password

No Access To the Linked Email?

If you don't know your password and you can't reset it because you don't have access to your email, you won't be able to change the email on your account. Please read our guide for more details: Forgot email

If none of the above applies to you or if you're still having trouble, please submit a ticket to support: 

  • with the email address you would like to change to
  • from the email that your account is currently linked to
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