Story missing from your library or reading list?

Sometimes when you log into your account, you may find that your library or reading list is missing a story or is showing up as empty.

The first step you should try is syncing your library. If you're unsure of how to do this, please read our guide: Syncing/Updating your Library

Troubleshooting steps

If syncing doesn't work, please try these general troubleshooting steps to rule out any issues relating to your internet connection or the app itself.

On iOS, Android & Windows Phone

If you can, please ensure that your internet connection is stable, then try the following:

  • Log out and back in, making sure to completely close the app.
  • Toggle your wifi connection off and then on
  • Try a data connection instead of wifi
  • Check if there are updates to the app; download the update if there is one
  • Log into the web version of Wattpad at to check if you can see your missing stories in the library

On Web

  • Log out of Wattpad and then log back in
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies
  • Try using different browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome

If you are still unable to find the story, please try contacting the author to see if they have taken down the story. If they have, we are unable to take any action unless the author submits a ticket.



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