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How to use Shake for Help

Hey Wattpadders, 

Wattpad has a feature which allows you to submit a Support request while including screenshots at the same time by shaking your device. We recommend enabling 'Shake for Help' because when you experience an issue within the Wattpad app, shaking your device will take a screenshot of the issue and open the Help Center. If you happen to send in a report to Wattpad Support, the screenshot gets attached, allowing us to investigate and resolve your issue faster. The following shows how to enable this feature: 

  1. Go to your profile and tap the gear icon located in the top corner. This will bring you to your settings.
  2. In this menu, choose the Help Center option.
  3. From here you can enable Shake for Help.

Now you can get to the Help Center from anywhere in the app! Just shake your device wherever you are experiencing an issue!

Note: this feature is only available on the iOS and Android app



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