How Do I Get Back a Deleted Story/Part?

Deleting your work from Wattpad is a permanent action that CANNOT be undone. As such, we are unfortunately unable to restore user-deleted content.


Alternatives to deleting your work:

  1. Revert your story to a draft so that it will only be accessible to you as the author of the story. Please see the following post for more information on how this works: Revert a Part to Draft.
  2. Save your work somewhere off of Wattpad before choosing to permanently delete it from Wattpad.

There are two other ways a story can be deleted. Please click on the reasons below to find out more.

Deleted for Content Guideline Violations

According to our Content Guidelines, reported content in violation of our Prohibited Content policy such as copyright violations and inappropriate content will be removed without notice. This means that any content removed for this reason will not be restored. Please be sure to review our Content Guidelines to see what type of content is appropriate for Wattpad.

Deleted due to Wattpad Error

We are working hard to avoid instances of writers losing their work due to Wattpad errors. If you lose your work due to an error in the app or website, please reach out to Wattpad Support with more details on your issue. Any detailed information you can provide will be really useful in helping us find ways to help Wattpad writers.

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