Error Messages on Wattpad

Error Messages on Wattpad

You may notice that sometimes, usually because of poor network connections or problems with our servers, you may encounter a range of error messages while using Wattpad. This guide should help you better understand these error messages, as well as give you the steps to fix them.


Android App

Error 10

This error usually occurs when the app fails to download story data such as the title, author, description, and so on after trying a number of times. The most likely cause of this error is a poor network connection.

To fix this issue, please try the following:

  1. Try logging out and back in, making sure to completely close the app.
  2. Toggle your wifi/data on and off.
  3. Try in an alternate wifi network or, if possible, another data network.

Error 622/ Error 603

These errors usually occur when the Wattpad Servers cannot be reached. At times, this could be because our servers are temporarily down and in such cases our development team would be working hard to fix the issue on our end. Most of the time though, these errors are due to poor network connection.

To fix this issue, please follow the steps listed above for error 10.

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