How To Close My Child’s Account

In the event that you discover your child possess a Wattpad account and they are under the required age of 13, you can request assistance from Wattpad to close your child’s account. To do so, there are two options, based on your ability to access the account.


If You Have Access To The Account:


If you are able to log in to the account, have control over the account through the app, or are otherwise logged into the account, you can close it at any time. You can use this guide on self-closing an account. Be advised that the account can be automatically reopened if someone attempts to log into the account.


If You Do Not Have Access To The Account:


If you are unable to log into the account, or do not have access for whatever reason, you can still submit a report to us through the following steps:


  1. You will need to have the email linked to your child’s account, and access that email account.
  2. Send an email to with the Subject "Closing My Underage Child’s Account," using the email linked to the account.
  3. Provide in the email a link to the account or the username of the account you wish to have closed.
  4. Provide a statement that you are the parent of the account owner and wish to close the account as the owner is under the age of 13.

Hopefully this helps with managing your child’s use of Wattpad.


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