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Ads on Wattpad

Wattpad is a free platform available to millions of people around the world. Advertisements help us keep it that way, ensuring readers can find amazing stories and writers can build communities of fans. Similarly to other free services, these advertisements help with the cost of running Wattpad.

Where will I see ads?

Ads help support our ability to keep the majority of our stories free, but we want to make sure these ads don't disrupt the quality of your reading experience. Depending on whether you're using our app or website, you might see ads in places like the homepage, on the story details page, and within the reading experience.

I'd prefer not to see ads. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Wattpad Premium is our ad-free subscription tier available to all users who want more control over their Wattpad experience. Learn more at Wattpad Premium.

Can I make money from in-story ads?

Unfortunately, there are currently no opportunities to make money from ads on your stories.

However, we do have many other options for making revenue as a writer. Wattpad Books, Wattpad Studios, Wattpad Brand Partnerships, and Wattpad Paid Stories all provide a path to monetization for writers. While no single program will be right for everyone, we offer a number of ways people can make money with Wattpad.

Experiencing any issues?

If you cannot move to the next story part due to an ad not loading or if you're seeing an ad that you think might be inappropriate to Wattpad, please submit a Support request to us. You can submit a request by clicking ‘Fix a problem / Contact us’ to the right of or below this article. Please include the following information in your request:

  1. Where were you in the app when this happened?

  2. Can you briefly describe the advertisement? (Company, product name, etc.)

  3. Can you send us a screenshot or screen recording of the ad in question?


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