In-Story Ads FAQ

Hey Wattpadders,

Some of you may have noticed that we've recently introduced in-story ads on Wattpad. To learn more, here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Why are there in-story ads on Wattpad?

We pride ourselves on keeping Wattpad free so that everyone can enjoy the stories they love. For this reason, we now allow ads to be shown on Wattpad. The revenue helps us continue to improve your experience, while supporting our writers.

How do these ads help authors?

Some in-story ads help writers make money. Every time you view one, the majority of the revenue generated goes to the writer and helps them continue to create new content that inspires and entertains the Wattpad community.

Where will I see in-story ads?

These ads are currently only in stories written by select Wattpad writers that have partnered with us. In-story ads will appear in between chapters to ensure that they are as undisruptive as possible so you’ll still enjoy the same quality reading experience you love.

How does Wattpad choose which in-story ads we see?

Wattpad currently works with various advertising partners that specialize in delivering ads within mobile applications. These ads are generally tailored towards entertainment apps like Wattpad. We want the ads you see to be as relevant to you as possible, so we’re always working on ways to improve the ad experience.

I’ve written a great story. How can I start making money from in-story ads?

We’re currently only offering in-story ads to eligible writers, and you'll be contacted by our team if you're selected. However, if you are interested in having ads placed in your stories, please visit

Experiencing Any Issues?

If you still cannot view the story part or the story itself due to issues with an ad not playing or displaying, please contact us by submitting a ticket through support with the following info:

  • Where were you in the app when this happened?

  • Can you briefly describe the advertisement? (Company, product name, etc).

  • Are you using Wi-Fi or cellular data? 


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