Removing support for iOS 8 and below

Hi Wattpadders!

Support for older iOS devices on Wattpad has been removed and we would like to provide more information on what exactly this means for you if you have a device that is running iOS 8 and below.

This change simply means that you will no longer be able to download the app or access new features we release on Wattpad after September 2016 if you are not on iOS 9 or higher.

This however means that:

  1. You will still have access to all your library and archive stories - we know how hard you worked on curating a perfect list of stories to read, and we would never take that away from you!
  2. You will still be able to socialize with all your friends, old and new. This means private messaging, profile posts, comments, etc. will still work for you.
  3. You will continue to have access to the Create section as well as all your drafts and published works. We want you to keep writing that amazing content that makes Wattpad what it is!
  4. Your profile and account information will remain as is - unless you change it, of course! ;)
  5. You will still be able to discover the millions of stories uploaded on Wattpad! Search will work as normal, and we will do our best to populate your discover page with stories you will enjoy.
  6. In short, everything will work just as normal. Don't worry, we'd never do that to you!  

We thank you for your continued support! Happy reading and writing!!!

PS: If you have a device that supports iOS 9 and above, simply update your operating system to get access to new features. Otherwise, you can access new features on the mobile or desktop web at






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