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Wattpad Picks

Wattpad Picks is where Wattpad spotlights unique and amazing stories, hand-curated by Wattpad staff. It includes a variety of different lists, some of which are permanent and some which rotate with the seasons and events in the world.

There’s a little bit of everything included on these lists. Wattpad Picks is a place where we can show off some of Wattpad’s best and brightest, no matter how many reads they have. Wattpad Picks is our way of giving great stories a virtual high-five and helping readers find their new favourite story.

The best part is that Wattpad Picks are always changing! We’re always adding new stories so be sure to pop back and check out the new highlights.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Wattpad Picks is only available in English. However, we're working towards expanding this feature to more languages very soon.

If you'd like to know how to get on Wattpad Picks, check out: How do I get my story promoted by Wattpad?

Where are Wattpad Picks?

Select a platform for more details:

On iOS and Android

On the apps, Wattpad Picks lists will appear as recommendations in your Homepage. 

On Web

  1. Click on Discover on the upper menu bar
  2. Choose a Wattpad Picks list

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