Copyright FAQ

Copyright FAQ


Wattpad encourages all storytellers to express their creativity and imagination through original stories. We do not allow any copyright infringement or pirated material on the platform, and will remove any works that we discover to have been published illegally. While some users may not be aware of copyright law, we do our best to educate and inform our community while building an engaging audience for all writers.


  • What is Wattpad’s stance on copyright infringement?

Wattpad takes copyright infringement very seriously. Users are not permitted to post stories they do not own unless they have legal permission from the owner. We also have a policy against repeat infringers described below in this FAQ.

  • Why do users upload copyrighted material onto Wattpad?

Our users are very passionate about the stories they love. Sharing these stories with the world, especially those who lack access to books, is a popular reason for why users end up committing non-malicious copyright infringement on Wattpad. Generally these users do not understand copyright law and do not believe they are doing anything wrong. We work hard to ensure that our community is as educated on the issue as possible, and have a dedicated team in place ready to remove any violations.

  • How does Wattpad protect my work?

There are over 250 million story uploads on Wattpad and upwards of 300,000 new uploads are added every day. We have several measures in place to limit copyright infringement on Wattpad. It’s a monumental task, but one that we take very seriously.

Your work is automatically protected under Copyright Law as soon you put it into a fixed format, like writing it down. We abide by the DMCA process, so if you believe your work has been copied improperly, you can submit a DMCA Takedown Form and we will respond as soon as possible (typically in 24 hours or less). The copy/paste functions are also disabled on Wattpad, which prevents users from easily copying your work.

  • My work has been copied and published on Wattpad, what can I do?

You will need to submit a DMCA Takedown Form. You can report the story on Wattpad, or go directly to You can also send us a letter that meets the formal requirements of the law.

  • What information do I need to provide to prove that I own my work?

The DMCA Form will ask you for your personal information because it is a legal document, and has to be filled out honestly. You will also need to give us a link to the copy, or copies.

  • What is a DMCA and how do I submit a Takedown Request?

 The DMCA is US legislation governing online copyright liability. It gives specific instructions for how to notify a website if your work is appearing there in violation of your rights. If your work has been copied, you can submit a DMCA Takedown Notice to us by either reporting the story, or by going directly through this link:  

  • How long does it take to remove copyrighted material once I have submitted a DMCA Takedown Request?

We respond to all valid DMCA Takedown Requests expeditiously. Generally, we respond within 24 hours during business days.

  • How will I know that the copied work has been removed?

We will respond to your DMCA Takedown Request to notify you when the work has been removed, or if we need you to provide more information.

  • Will Wattpad share my personal information with the alleged infringer if I submit a DMCA Takedown Request?

We do not share your personal details provided in the Takedown Request with the other party when we remove the work. However, a Takedown Request is a legal notice of alleged infringement and may become publically available if legal proceedings are commenced.  

  • What happens to users who are caught posting copyrighted material on Wattpad?

 Copyright infringement is not tolerated on Wattpad. We will terminate accounts without warning for what we believe to be severe or malicious copyright infringements. In all other cases, if a user has a work removed for copyright infringement, they will be given a warning and guidelines on our copyright policy. If they are a repeat infringer under our policy, their account will be terminated.  

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