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Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We take your data seriously. When you use Wattpad, you trust us with your data. It is our responsibility to be clear about what we collect and how we use it to make our services work better for you. As part of this commitment to transparency, we’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  


When do these changes apply?

These updates will take effect on May 25th, 2018. If you continue to use Wattpad on or after May 25th, you are agreeing to the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Why are you making these changes?

These updates are part of our work to comply with new European data protection laws that will take effect this month. We are also using this opportunity to update our existing Terms of Service to reflect Wattpad’s evolution. Our goal is to explain the services we offer in language that’s more straightforward, uses less jargon, and is easier to read and understand.


What’s changing?

You should take some time to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in full, but here are a few examples of the information you’ll find:

  • What we collect and use: We aren't asking to collect more data or use your personal data differently — instead, we're being more specific on how and why we use your personal data.
  • What we share: One thing hasn’t changed. Wattpad does not and will not sell your personal data and, except in limited circumstances (e.g. legal requirements), won’t share it with others unless you explicitly give us your consent.
  • How we protect your data: We better explain how we keep your personal data safe and secure.
  • Who owns your content: Your content is yours. We explain your rights and responsibilities when it comes to posting content on Wattpad.
  • Copyright: We give more information on how we deal with copyright issues both on and off Wattpad.
  • Restrictions around the use of our Services: Wattpad has always been and always will be only for people 13 years old and over. We also clearly outline the role you play in making Wattpad a safe, fun, and trusted environment.


What if I'm not okay with the changes?

You have the final say on whether you agree with all of these changes, including whether we process your personal data. If you are not okay with our new Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, you can close your Wattpad account. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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