Migrating from The Clubs to Community: Info and FAQ

As many of our loyal users on The Clubs know, the service has not been updated in a long time. It’s not optimized for mobile, our moderators are working with few tools, notifications are only on web and it doesn’t have modern features such as image uploads or styling.

Wattpad wants to honor The Clubs as the meeting place of our community. And our first step towards that is by making them easier for you to use.

We call the new forum, Community. They have image uploads, quoting, mobile UIs, dark mode, better moderation tools, and much more.

Here’s what you should know:

  • We will be listening intently to your feedback and making changes as needed. Community will be a living product. This means we will be revising and updating and adding or taking out features based on users’ feedback.

    • There is a category on Community dedicated to Site Feedback that you can use to talk directly to Wattpad HQ about what you want and need in a forum
  • The Clubs will be closed to new replies and threads on August 10

    • At this point, posts and threads will still stay up at wattpad.com/clubs and available for you to screenshot, store, and save however you may like until September 1st

  • Your Community login and username will be the same as your Wattpad login.

    • You will be able to choose how you’d like notifications (email, browser) and those notifications will be separate from your Wattpad activity feed

    • As always, you will need to abide by Wattpad’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Service

We look forward to seeing you in Wattpad’s Community.

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