Removal of Private Stories Feature

Hi Wattpadders!

Starting September 19th, 2018 the private story function will be removed and any story part that is currently marked private will be set to draft and need to be republished. In order to republish your story, it will need to be published as public.

This is an effort to improve the performance of the Wattpad platform. At Wattpad, we're continuously looking to optimize the overall writing & reading experience.

In the meantime, you can do one of the following:

1. Make your story public before Sept. 19th > To do this, revert your story to draft, and then republish it. Here are the steps to get started: Revert a Story Part to Draft 

2. Wait until after Sept. 19th, and then you’ll just need to publish your story/story parts again from draft: Publish a Story Part

Thank you!

-The Wattpad Team

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