Broadcast Notifications to Announcements

Hey Wattpadders!

As you likely know our team here has moved Broadcast Notifications from emails to the Notifications feed. Due to the very high volume of email we generate for broadcast email notifications, we were having technical issues with several major providers. This impacted our ability to send email notifications on time.

In the time since we made this change, we’ve noticed two major improvements. One: our ability to deliver other email notifications has greatly improved. Secondly: we’ve noticed an increase in the connections our users are making through Broadcast Messages. Given the increased visibility of Broadcast Message notifications, more Wattpadders are engaging with posts from people they follow than ever before - and they’re able to do that right from within the platform.

We want to ensure the best experience without having Broadcast notifications take up space in your feed so we are changing Broadcast Notifications to Announcements to better clarify that these messages are being sent to all followers. Announcements will also be grouped together to help you better navigate your feed.

On top of this change, we are limiting Announcements to 3 per day to ensure these messages are utilized for special circumstances.

We are thrilled with the feedback we received from the community on this feature. Thank you for all of your patience and support!


The Wattpad Team

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