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Image Moderation on Wattpad

At Wattpad, our vision is to entertain and connect the world through stories. Our community lies at the heart of this vision, and we pride ourselves at being a place where everyone can feel like they belong. A key part of creating this sense of belonging is building a safe and positive environment on Wattpad. This has been a continuous process over the years, and we’re dedicated to finding more ways to keep our community safe.

Wattpad has always had a zero-tolerance policy for any behavior or content that violates our community standards and guidelines. As part of these efforts, we’re updating the image moderation process on Wattpad. We’ll be using a combination of technology and human moderation to remove images that violate our guidelines, and every image uploaded to a story will be reviewed and assessed to ensure they follow our Content Guidelines. To learn more about the new image moderation process, check out our FAQ below.

Have Wattpad’s Content Guidelines changed?

No - our Content Guidelines have not changed, and our core Guidelines around the type of content we allow on Wattpad will always remain the same. What’s changing is how we moderate images uploaded to Wattpad; we’re improving the technology we use to help us better enforce our Guidelines as our community continues to grow and evolve. To learn more about the media we don’t allow on Wattpad, please read our Content Guidelines under the Prohibited Content section.

Please note that even if a story is marked mature, the story must still follow our guidelines. 

How will I know if my images have been flagged as inappropriate?

If you are on the Web, Android (7.16.0 and later), or iOS (8.36.0 and later) and your image is flagged as inappropriate, the following indicatorBanned_Content_Indicator.png will appear:

  • On the inappropriate image
  • Next to the chapter title with the inappropriate image in the table of contents
  • Next to the story title with the inappropriate image in your works

Regardless of the platform you are using, you will receive a private message from Wattpad.  On earlier versions of the app, the image(s) will still be visible to you when you are viewing your story, and there will be no indicators. If you believe your image was flagged but aren’t sure, please check your private messages or review the image on our Web version.

The indicator will remain on your story until the image is removed. 

If my story is published and my images are flagged, what will my readers see?

If your image is flagged as containing inappropriate content, the image will not appear to readers when they are reading your story. Your image will be removed from the reading experience, and there will be no indication that there was an image there.

What if I mark my story as mature?

Mature stories still need to follow our Content Guidelines. If you're unsure what type of media is allowed on Wattpad, please read these guidelines to make sure that your media follows them. 

If my image was flagged as inappropriate but I don’t think it should have been, what should I do?

If you believe your image was flagged in error, you can appeal it using our appeal flow. 

When will these changes take place?

We will be rolling out these changes over the next few months. We encourage you to read our Content Guidelines and review any images you’ve uploaded to make sure they follow our guidelines. If you happen to find images that seem to violate our Content Guidelines, please feel free to report them to us here.

Show all covers: Why are some covers blurred?

Due to updated app store guidelines, Android users now have the option to blur any potentially suggestive cover images in Home, Story Details, and Search. This feature uses technology to identify potentially suggestive material. Since humans aren’t reviewing which covers are blurred, sometimes it can be wrong. Toggle this feature on if you want all covers to be visible. For more information on how to change these settings, please visit Adjusting your Content Preferences.

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