Writer Setup

It can be hard to know where to start your writer journey when joining Wattpad, but we’re here to help guide you with Writer Setup!

Writer Setup is a collection of tasks that will help you take the first steps to getting the most from your Wattpad experience. From customizing your profile to interacting with the community, every successful writer on Wattpad has to start somewhere, and completing the Writer Setup is a great way to introduce yourself on the platform.

Where is Writer Setup?

You can find these tasks on the web version of Wattpad. They’ll appear above your works when you click Create in the navigation bar.

What are the tasks?

Curate your profile icon 

The tasks around curating your profile are all about establishing your brand as a writer on Wattpad. By following these steps, you’ll be able to attract readers to your profile and show off how great you are! Customizing your profile is all about showing who you are to our community.

Connect with the community icon

A part of what makes Wattpad so special is the community that thrives here! A key part of starting your writer journey is growing your network on Wattpad, and engaging with other talented writers is a great way to not only make important connections, but to bring more exposure to your work.

Reach your readers icon

One of the most rewarding aspects of sharing your work on Wattpad is being able to connect with your readers. Attracting readers to your story can seem challenging, but following these tasks will help get your story out there and into the libraries of your readers.

I’ve finished the tasks, now what?

If you’ve finished all of the tasks, congratulations! You’ve made some significant progress in your storytelling journey. If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your writing technique or promote your story across the platform, you can check out these links with some great tips!

Wattpad Writers’ Portal

Promoting your story

How do I get my story promoted by Wattpad?

Good luck on your writer journey!

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